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Discussion on waterproof design of wire harness

Discussion on waterproof design of wire harness

Wire harness is the nervous system of vehicle electrical appliances, which plays a vital role in the realization of vehicle electrical functions. The electrical safety of the whole vehicle has always been the most concerned problem of all automobile manufacturers. The working environment of each area may have an impact on the harness.


1. Distribution of dry and wet areas of the whole vehicle

The vehicle wading depth refers to the deepest water area that the vehicle can pass through, and it is also a safe depth. The area below the wading line and the engine compartment is called the wet area, and the area where the wire harness installed in the cab, passenger compartment, luggage compartment and other parts does not need special waterproof protection treatment is called the dry area. In order to improve the wading trafficability and safety of the whole vehicle, the wading depth of the whole vehicle should be fully considered when designing the electrical system, and the key electrical components of the whole vehicle should be arranged in the dry area.


2. Harness layout

According to the distribution of dry and wet areas of the whole vehicle, we divide the whole vehicle harness into the following parts: front compartment harness, powertrain harness, instrument harness, indoor harness, ceiling harness, four door harness and back door harness. According to the distribution of dry and wet areas of the whole vehicle, the front compartment harness, powertrain harness and four door harness are located in the wet area. This part of the harness needs to be waterproof and protected, and the part connected with the indoor should be sealed with rubber parts. The other harnesses are located in the dry area, and the connectors do not need to be waterproof, but in order to prevent water from entering the room when connecting with the outside, corresponding waterproof treatment should also be done.


3. Waterproof design of harness

3.1wiring harness winding mode

3.2 selection of waterproof connectors 

3.3 sealing

4 Conclusion

With the rapid development of automotive electronics and the increasing number of vehicle electrical, the safety and stability of the vehicle become more and more important. As the safety design of the vehicle nervous system harness, we should not only rely on traditional technology, but also constantly explore and learn new technology.



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