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Why hydrogen for heavy-duty vehicles?

Why hydrogen for heavy-duty vehicles?

Hydrogen-powered trucks are seen by many industry watchers as the future of long-haul heavy-duty trucking. Currently, heavy-duty trucking in the United States makes up 40 percent of truck routes, consumes 75 percent of all diesel fuel used by the trucking sector, and accounts for roughly 17 percent of transportation GHG emissions.

Thus, decarbonization of the heavy-duty trucking sector is paramount, with hydrogen poised to play a significant role. There are manifold factors justifying this view. Firstly, trucks powered by hydrogen have a much longer range than those powered by electric batteries, with the former expected to reach twice the number of miles per full charge/tank.

Secondly, since fuel cell trucks are much lighter, they are better suited to carry heavy cargo. For instance, when comparing cargo capacity losses relative to diesel-powered trucks, it has been estimated that hydrogen-powered trucks lose 1,000 pounds while battery-powered trucks have the potential to lose up to 5,000 pounds.



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